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Welcome to our selection of indigenous NZ languages at a variety of levels. The emphasis is on developing communicative competence and confidence, with the focus at introductory level on listening, speaking, signing (for NZSL) and the cultural environment.  Understanding of structures underpinning the spoken/signed language is developed at higher levels.

At all levels you’ll participate in pair and group conversations to practise the language.  Some homework may be suggested but will not be compulsory, although study between sessions is strongly recommended.

Learners whose progress is satisfactory may advance through each level.  Tutors may advise those who have not yet met the stated course outcomes to repeat the course.

Which level is for you?
If you’re not sure of your level, please contact the CEC office on 04 385 8919.

Introductory 1 or NZSL1A - for beginners who have no prior knowledge of the language.

Introductory 2 or NZSL1B - for those who have completed Introductory 1 recently or have equivalent knowledge.

Introductory 3 or NZSL1C  - for those who have completed Introductory 2 or equivalent, this level assumes confidence in using basic spoken language.

Introductory 4 or NZSL1D - for those who have completed Introductory 3 or equivalent.

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