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Coffee Brewing - The Basics

Ever wanted to know what goes into the perfect cup of coffee? This full-day workshop will give you all the info and skills you need to make the perfect cup of coffee and much more. All ingredients provided.


Our “Coffee Brewing” course will provide you with the fundamental information you need: dissecting espresso, identifying variables and learning how to control them, steaming milk for perfect texture and presentation, and general maintenance for espresso brewing equipment. 

This intensive one-day workshop is suited to the home barista, coffee consumer and anyone looking to further their knowledge about this popular beverage. 

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to:
• Describe in full how espresso machines function, including the grinder
• Confidently prepare Espresso
• Identify and adjust variables to ensure consistency of extraction
• Steam and foam milk for perfect textured espresso-based drinks
• Produce the full range of espresso-based drinks
• Clean and maintain all espresso-related equipment

All materials included in course fee. 

Note:  Courses need a minimum number to go ahead so if we don't have enough enrolments a few days before the start date, we have to cancel. We'll let you know by email so please check yours regularly. If you need to cancel your registration, here are our terms and conditions: "What You Need to Know".

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