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Banjo - Beginners

A fun course which will get you playing tunes and vocal accompaniments on a 4 or 5 string instrument. Bring your banjo.


Banjo - Beginners will set you up well to develop into any of the several existing specialist banjo styles - or your own new original style!  This course uses tablature notation and Chicago tuning. 

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:  
• Play a range of solo instrumental tunes, progressively building up your chord knowledge
• Demonstrate a number of plucking techniques
• Accompany other musicians at a basic level
• Perform with competence and confidence in front of other people
• Enjoy the satisfying feeling of becoming a real musician 

Bring your own banjo (and music stand, if you have one).

Note:  Courses need a minimum number to go ahead so if we don't have enough enrolments a few days before the start date, we have to cancel. We'll let you know by email so please check yours regularly. If you need to cancel your registration, here are our terms and conditions: "What You Need to Know".

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