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Your Healing Process - A Creative, Co-operative Adventure

A short workshop diving deep into our attitudes towards health and illness, perceptions of disease and what it takes to heal, and who does the healing.


All too often authority and decision making is handed over to the health professional, just as authority is often handed over to the “disease”. Seeking opportunities in adversity, the silver lining within those clouds, the half-day gives space to explore how best to facilitate empowerment while dealing with illness, health professionals, family and friends.

Actively participating in your own healing increases confidence in the process. Listening to inner promptings via dreams and intuitive taps, before they start pounding on the door, ensures your health is in good hands- firstly, your own.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to:
• Assess your own personal attitudes to health and disease
• Distinguish where, (if at all) personal attitudes differ from others - familial, cultural, and mainstream
• Learn methods to enhance listening skills in order to decipher inner promptings and self-awareness
• Recognise priorities of health for yourself, physical, mental, emotional

Bring pen and paper. 

Note:  Courses need a minimum number to go ahead so if we don't have enough enrolments a few days before the start date, we have to cancel. We'll let you know by email so please check yours regularly. If you need to cancel your registration, here are our terms and conditions: "What You Need to Know".

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