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Finding Meaning in Life

Douglas Adams tells us that the meaning of life is 42 which isn’t very helpful, but life does mean something and this something is unique to you. This workshop is for you if you want to find out more about your personal meaning in life and how to put it into action.


Many people are looking for meaning in life and this one-day workshop will help you with this. Come along with an open mind and a willingness to share your thoughts with others.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognise what gives you meaning in life
  • Formulate a plan of action to enhance your meaning in life
  • Develop strategies to  motivation

Bring pen and paper. You'll be provided with a resource booklet to help you on the day and after the workshop.

Note:  Courses need a minimum number to go ahead so if we don't have enough enrolments a few days before the start date, we have to cancel. We'll let you know by email so please check yours regularly. If you need to cancel your registration, here are our terms and conditions: "What You Need to Know".

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