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Au Pairs – How to Find and Host Them

Au pairs are a popular and cost-effective child care option with a cultural exchange twist. They live in your household like a family member and look after your children, in exchange for board and pocket money. Find out the benefits (and pitfalls) from someone who’s hosted more than 20 au pairs over the last nine years.


Fancy hosting an au pair to look after your children? Need an extra hand in your household? There’s more to it than simply dialling up an au pair and it helps to have thought it through before your au pair arrives. In this two-hour talk, you’ll learn more about the benefits and advantages of hosting an au pair and find out more about the pitfalls and challenges. Drawing on years of experience as a family who hosts au pairs, Andreas will help you to discover the opportunities and realities of this popular approach to child and home care.

By the end of the talk, you’ll be able to:
• Understand what an au pair is and recognise the differences between au pairs, nannies and other forms of house helpers
• Know when an au pair is suitable as a child care option
• Describe how to recruit an au pair
• Discuss the benefits and pitfalls of using au pairs

Bring pen and paper if you like to take notes.

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