New Zealand Community Education Centres

Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss - Improvers

An ongoing course that will help you maintain, practise and improve your lipreading skills.


Pair work and group participation will develop expertise in lipreading different people, accents and lipshapes and put good communication strategies in practice.

This course is offered at a reduced fee due to the support of the Community Education Centre.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to: 
• Lipread missing words in more challenging and longer gapped hand-outs 
• Lipread short stories and longer passages of prose with fewer clues 
• Lipread your partner(s) by working in pairs, small groups and by group participation 
• Demonstrate good communication strategies and become more lipreadable yourself 
• Start to use the finger spelling alphabet


For those who have completed a Lipreading - Intro 1A  course or the half-day intensive introduction.