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Spanish for Travellers

Designed for those intending to travel, or who just want a taste of the language, this beginners' Spanish course will help you understand others and make yourself understood at a basic level.


By the end of the course, you'll:  

• Have some confidence in being able to read and pronounce Spanish correctly
• Have developed some ability to express yourself in basic everyday conversational Spanish
• Be able, as a traveller, to ask basic questions and understand, with some success, the replies you get
• Have some ability to use correctly the present, past and going to tenses; adjectives, my-mine, and the verb tener
• Have some ability to use correctly ser/estar, numbers and telling the time; and irregular verbs;
• Understand how comparisons, this, that, these, and those and pronouns work, and be able to use these with some success 

Note:  Courses need a minimum number to go ahead so if we don't have enough enrolments a few days before the start date, we have to cancel. We'll let you know by email so please check yours regularly. If you need to cancel your registration, here are our terms and conditions: "What You Need to Know".

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