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Storytelling Through D&D

Just what is a collaborative, improvised storytelling experience with a dice mechanic? For anyone who has wanted to try a table-top role-playing game (TTRPG), but not known how to start: you’ll play through a short adventure of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with an experienced Dungeon Master while learning the basics and how much fun it can be!


Dungeons & Dragons is called a game, but it is really a story waiting to be told.

 D&D - the classic fantasy role-playing game - is more popular than ever. Now in its 5th Edition, it is even more focussed on storytelling/role-play than previous editions. But many people may be unsure where to get started, or intimidated by the game’s 45+ year history, or lacking confidence to gather a party together and experience D&D for themselves. This class is designed to show such new players just how easy and fun the game can be, or provide a refresher of the latest edition’s procedures for veterans looking to return to the game.

Join professional Dungeon Master (DM) Darryn Woods on an adventure, cooperatively telling a tale of heroic adventure in a fantastical setting. As an experienced DM, he’ll take care to guide you on the story’s path without pushing you right out of your comfort zone. You’ll be utilising and developing skills involving creativity, social interaction, problem-solving, empathy, communication, and even basic math!

 By the end of the session, you’ll have:
- Participated in a cooperative story from beginning to middle to end
- Learned to recognise when a Difficulty Check (DC) is being asked for and how to respond
- Demonstrated knowledge of the combat mechanics of D&D 5E
- Collaboratively solved problems or puzzles as part of a group
- Identified the various parts of a Character Sheet and what they mean
- Expressed your character’s perspective through role-play

 D&D is for people of all ages (but please note you need to be 16+ to register for a CEC course), identities and backgrounds.

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