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Ricki Pointon

Richard (Ricki) Pointon was adopted by his grandparents and became Deaf at the age of 2 years old through an allergy reaction to penicillin.  In spite of him being Deaf, his parents nurtured him into a well-loved child who grew up to be well-known in the Deaf Community.  Ricki is a natural, articulate and fluent New Zealand Sign Language user. 

In theory, Ricki still has to complete his Deaf Studies Teaching NZSL course at Victoria University and is currently doing his practical teaching in parallel to what he is studying.  His wife Karen who is a qualified NZSL Teacher and employed at WHS CEC is mentoring him.

Ricki understands American Sign Language (ASL) which has excellent video resources and signers to support his understanding of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.  Ricki's knowledge and understanding of the scriptures in the Bible helps to re-translate ASL context into NZSL with an aim of sharing the Good News and support Deaf people to have an opportunity to access signed Bible video literature in their own language.

Ricki is currently a NZSL Tutor supporting the delivery of sign language classes NZSL 1A and 1B at the CEC. His masterful demeanor and empathetic approach make students feel at ease and enjoy learning in a safe, Deaf-friendly atmosphere within the classroom.

Ricki's aim is to support students from all walks of life and learn the true language of the Deaf community.  Teaching NZSL makes him feel satisfied to see student's faces light up in the classroom and just have fun! 


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