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Community Education Centre Wellington

Community Education Centre, Wellington High School 249 Taranaki Street, Wellington.

An exciting range of short courses and workshops for the wider Wellington community.


Do you have a particular set of skills and a passion for helping others learn? We're looking for new tutors to offer courses as part of our 2017 programme - read about tutoring at the CEC here and then contact us with your ideas!




Love "Project Runway" and interested in fashion and design? Our highly-experienced fashion designer will introduce you to the principles of the design process, from the initial concept to the finished design during this 8-week evening course: Fashion Design - An Introduction.

Explore visual research avenues to develop your ideas, and then create story boards and colour palettes that show how these can be executed. You'll understand the techniques of creating a working drawing, and from this be able to produce final illustrations for a small range of garments.

What people say:

Penelope Maxwell - Italian  I've really enjoyed Penny's classes - she has a wonderful teaching style with a terrific sense of humour that I've really enjoyed, and the others in the class have been great to learn with, too.

Stratos Cotsilinis - Fly Fishing  This was an amazing course - superb tutor, great assistant and very well-resourced.  I have done many night classes and this was the best ever!  Highly recommended!

Luella Plimmer - Dressmaking    I have really enjoyed this course.  It is very satisfying and peaceful to work in the sewing room for two hours and have help when I need it.  I am full of admiration for the tutor, her knowledge and skill and how she manages to work with students at different levels.  She helps and encourages everyone – sewing is fun!