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Apologies!  A technical hitch meant that we were off-line for a while on Thursday 22 Jan (and depending on your browser you may still not be able to connect) - we're very sorry for any inconvenience!

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Term 1 courses start on Monday 9 February - don't leave it too late!

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Many courses for Term 1!

What people say

Marija Vidovich - Christmas Treats  Such a fun and productive day!  Can't believe how much we made.  Thank you, Marija, for sharing your knowledge and tips so freely. Will be looking out for more of your courses in the future.  What a blast!

Maria Moran - Cake Decorating  Thank you for all your help - you have been amazing!  I definitely wouldn't have been able to make my wedding cake without doing this course!

Jordyn O'Keeffe - Photography   Jordyn completely engages you through her obvious love of photography.  Her deep knowledge, coupled with a great sense of humour, made for a very enjoyable, interesting few weeks.  

Lachman Prasad – MS Excel Advanced  Great teacher - he made the material appear very straight-forward and simple, even though it was rather complicated.  Strongly recommended!

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