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 Ukulele Making Workshop

This is a VERY SPECIAL opportunity

Join experienced guitar and ukulele maker, Dave Gilberd from Goldbeard Guitars, in an intensive week-long workshop, where you'll produce your own concert-sized ukulele, with step-by-step instruction under Dave's expert guidance.

"An excellent course - well-resourced and well-run.  Dave is a brilliant and very patient tutor and the small group size enabled lots of 1:1 time with him during the the various stages of the building process  ... excellent value for money when considering the quality of the ukulele as well as the skills being learnt".  

"An awesome tutor, reads people well and individually caters for the skills and standards.  Dave has tips and tricks for everything!"

There are still places available.  CLICK HERE for full detail and to enrol.

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What people say

Lachman Prasad - MS Excel Beginners  Mr Prasad is a phenomenal teacher - he taught us so much - a natural lecturer with such clarity - his knowledge and teaching ability is outstanding.  

Claire Matheson - Coffee Brewing    What a great course.  I learned so much that I didn't know about making coffee.  I will be going home to practise and get rid of the bad coffee making habits I had picked up being self-taught.  Claire is just a wonderful teacher, really patient, funny and keeps you interested in the class at all times.

Tim Crooks - Investor Essentials   A well-presented course:  relaxed and informal situation with a very knowledgeable and approachable presenter.  Coped brilliantly with a wide range of attendees.

Donna Banicevich Gera - Creative Writing  Donna was great - she had endless fun activities, was very motivating and positive

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