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Stella Carruthers

Stella Carruthers is passionately interested in sustainable living and green values. Areas of particular focus for her include food politics as well as low-waste-lifestyling. She calls herself a radical homemaker where domestic tasks are carried out to affect wider societal change. She believes small changes at a personal level can make a big difference on the global issues of our time.

 As well as tutoring with CEC she works part time as a library assistant and freelances as a writer. The lifestyle this employment structure supports is one built on her sustainable living values and is inspired by urban self-sufficiency actions. Living in this manner means she has the time and mental space to do domestic DIY actions which helps to reduce her impact on the planet. It also saves her money which makes this lifestyle structure sustainable in the largest sense of the word.

 Stella holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Victoria University of Wellington and a library diploma from The Open Polytechnic. She has experience in tutoring teenagers in crafts and volunteering as an Education Assistant at The Sustainability Trust.

Stella is a strong advocate for and believer in lifelong learning values and continuing education actions. She sees her work with CEC embodying these values perfectly. She lives as a lifelong learner at a personal level wherein she regularly takes community classes in areas such as arts and crafts and creative writing.

 The spirit of curiosity and ongoing self-development these lifelong learning actions support are values she considers when approaching her whole life. A deep interest in the world around her, creativity, reflection and ethical consumption are central tenets to her personal philosophy. She hopes to share some of these values through her CEC class tutoring. 


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